The Master Series offers our more experienced students the opportunity to explore their passion for performing. In these workshops, students participate in full - length Broadway musicals complete with costumes, tech crew, sets, lights, sound, and a live orchestra. Talented and experienced instructors teach choreography, complex music, and advanced acting. Entry in these workshops requires an audition.
Ages may vary per show according to the director's discretion.
Workshop Fee: $265.00 for the  8 - 10 week session ($245 for non-musicals)
Workshop registration is due and must be paid on the day of callbacks, before the auditions for roles begin. This is a non refundable payment. (Those who do not receive a callback will not owe any fee.)
For scholarship information, click here: Workshop Scholarships
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Directed by Denver Skye Vaughn





A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM is Shakespeare’s best comedy (well, in this director’s opinion). It’s full of humor, love, adventure, and magic! 

When the DUKE of Athens refuses HERMIA her right to marry as she chooses, she flees through the wood with her love, LYSANDER. Followed by an amorous suitor, DEMETRIUS, and HIS amorous suitor HELENA, the four lovers find themselves entangled in a magical catastrophe that is too real to be a dream (thanks PUCK). Meanwhile, a team of Mechanicals, meet together to rehearse a play and are struck mad when their fellow actor, BOTTOM, is turned into a donkey before their eyes (PUCK strikes again!). Will these magical misdoings be turned right? Can love conquer all?



Rehearsal Information: Rehearsals are Monday and Tuesday 8/27 – 10/2 and Monday and Thursday 10/8 – 11/1, 4:30-7:30pm

TECH WEEK is 11/4 - 11/8


Performance Information: Performances are November 9th and 10th at 7:30 p.m., and 11th at 2:00 p.m.





Directed by Ashley White
Musical Direction By Jennifer Vaughn
Choreography by Brittany Cody-Bays


It's time to carry the banner on the RTAA stage with Disney's Newsies! Set in turn-of-the century New York City, Newsies is the rousing tale of Jack Kelly, a charismatic newsboy and leader of a band of teenaged "newsies." When titans of publishing raise distribution prices at the newsboys’ expense, Jack rallies newsies from across the city to strike against the unfair conditions and fight for what's right!


Ages 10 and up - Audition required to participate. Visit our audition page here.

Read/Sing through: 12/8 5-8pm


Rehearsals: 1/2 5-8pm, 1/8 5-8pm, 1/9 5-8pm, 1/15 5-8pm, 1/16 5-8pm, 1/22 5-8pm, 1/23 5-8pm, 1/29 5-8pm, 1/30 5-8pm, 2/5 5-8pm, 2/6 5-8pm, 2/12 6-8pm, 2/13 6-8pm, 2/19 6-8pm, 2/20 6-8pm, 2/26 5-8pm, 2/27 5-8pm, 2/28 5-8pm


Tech Rehearsals: 3/3 2pm, 13/4 5-8pm, 3/5 5-8pm, 3/6 5-8pm, 3/7 5pm


Performance Dates: There are 9 performances of the show including 1 field trip show and 8 public performances. The public performance dates are: 3/8 7:30pm, 3/9 2pm and 7:30pm, 3/10 2pm, 3/15 7:30pm, 3/16 2pm and 7:30pm, 3/17 2pm. The field trip date is: 3/15 10am.