T5 is an elite group of talented young men and women, ages 9 to 17, who are selected by audition to represent Roseville Theatre Arts Academy in our community. Troupe members will sing and dance to various themed sets and troupe members will have solo opportunities. T5 members receive advanced technical training, experience and will have many opportunities to develop their talents. The troupe will perform at Roseville Theatre Arts Academy and at many other locations throughout the year. We are always looking for new members and have ongoing enrollment.




Our T5 troupe is hard at work on their next showcase, Rock of Ages! This showcase will feature a live rock band from School of Rock, a rock school located just across the street on Vernon in Downtown Roseville! The Rock of Ages showcase will be at the Roseville Theatre on November 16th, 2019. at 7:30pm. Tickets are free for this event, with a suggested donation of $10. All proceeds from this event go to improving our T5 program.



If you wish to book T5 for an event or are interested in auditioning for T5, please contact us at rtaat5troupe@gmail.com.



Click here to download the T5 Membership Agreement: T5 Membership Agreement


T5 is an RTAA training program directed by David Endacott-Hicks and Cassie March