This is the audition page for 2019. Please review the casting requirements. No experience is necessary to attend auditions. Dates may be subject to change. Please check this page again for any updates before you come to an audition.


Auditions - The Rose Gala













Directed by David Endacott-Hicks






Audition Information: Video submissions are the only way to audition for this special event. Please submit your headshot, resume and a video of yourself singing a song that best shows off your range and talent. Submissions can be sent to rosevillelyric@gmail.com

Rehearsals: Rehearsals will be scheduled with the cast, once the cast is complete.


Tech Rehearsals: The evening of October 11th.


Performance Dates: Saturday, October 12th, 7:30pm

Auditions - Charlie Brown Christmas



        Treehouse Players Production


        October 8th at 8:00 p.m.








Directed by Colton Archey and Bily Jessip

Musical Direction by Jennifer Vaughn


Ages 10 and up (We are looking to cast teens and young adults.)


Audition Information: No musical audition needs to be prepared. The audition will consist of cold-readings from the script and some might be taught a song to sing.


Callbacks Information: Callbacks will be held the same night of auditions if needed. Possible callbacks could be called on 10/9 or 10/10.
Rehearsals: Rehearsals are generally Mondays and Thursdays ranging from as early as 5pm and as late as 9pm, beginning Monday 10/14.


Tech Rehearsals: 12/1 6pm, 12/2 8pm, 12/3 8pm, and 12/4 8pm


Performance Dates: There are 4 public performances of the show, and 10 field trip performances. If you cannot commit to every field trip performance, RTAA is prepared to double cast or cast understudies. Performances: 12/5 10am, 12/6, 9am and 11am, 12/7 11am, 12/10 10am, 12/11 10am, 12/12 10am, 12/13 9am and 11am, 12/14 11am, 12/15 11am and 2pm, 12/17 10am and 12/18 10am.


WHAT IS TREEHOUSE PLAYERS?: The Treehouse Players Series specializes in performing short hour-long plays and musicals geared towards an audience of children. They only perform during matinee times, and do multiple field trip performances for schools visiting RTAA. The cast can consist of all ages and is either pre-cast or audition-based. The Treehouse Players Series is not a workshop program.

Auditions - Shrek the Musical



        Master Production


        December 7th at 5:00 p.m.








Directed by Colton Archey

Musical Direction by Jennifer Vaughn

Choreography by Jerald Bolden


Ages 10 and up (This production is a workshop and is geared towards teens.)


Audition Information: Please prepare a song to audition. Your song should be no longer than 16 bars (32 if cut-time) and bring your sheet music, as a pianist will be provided for you. You will also be taught a dance combo by the choreographer, please dress appropriately. 


Callbacks Information: Callbacks will be held on Sunday, December 8th at 5pm and will consist of singing and reading from the script. Before the reading for parts begins, the workshop fee of $265 will be due upon arrival. This is a non-refundable payment.
Rehearsals: First read-thru will be Saturday, December 14th at 5pm. Rehearsals are generally Tuesdays and Wednesdays 5-8pm, and Thursday 2/27/2020.


Tech Rehearsals: 3/1 2-10pm, 3/2 5-10pm, 3/3 5-10pm, 3/4 5-10pm, 3/5 5-10pm


Performance Dates: There are 8 public performances of this show, and 2 field trip performances. If the field trip performances present a conflict, RTAA is prepared to cast understudies. 3/6 7:30pm, 3/7 7:30pm, 3/8 2pm, 3/11 10am Field Trip, 3/13 7:30pm, 3/14 7:30pm, 3/15 2pm, 3/18 10am Field Trip, 3/20 7:30pm, 3/21 7:30pm.