This is the audition page for 2017-2018. Please review the casting requirements. No experience is necessary to attend auditions. Dates may be subject to change. Please check back before you come to an audition.






Great All American Musical Disaster


Audition Date: Monday, August 28th, 2017 at 5:30 p.m.


Ages 10-19



Film producer Junior Dover hasn't made a picture since his last flop, but his latest project has everything. Junior induces every Hollywood star by tailoring separate scripts to meet each star's requirements. How Junior manages to stay one jump ahead of disaster makes this play a champion laugh-getter!


A prepared monologue or scene is NOT required! The audition will consist of cold readings from the script. This production is NOT a musical.


Rehearsal Dates and Times: Read Thru 8/31 6-8pm, 9/7 6-8pm, 9/11 5-8pm, 9/14 5-8pm, 9/18 6-8pm, 9/19 7-9pm, 9/25 6-8pm, 9/26 7-9pm, 10/2 5-8pm, 10/5 6-8pm, 10/9 5-8pm, 10/12 6-8pm, 10/16 6:30-8pm, 10/19 6-8pm, 10/23 6:30-8pm, 10/26 6-8pm, 10/30 6:30-8pm, 11/2 6-8pm


Tech Rehearsal Dates and Times: 11/5 2-8pm, 11/6 5-8pm, 11/7 8-10pm, 11/8 8-10pm, 11/9 5-8pm


Performance Dates and Times: 11/10 7:30pm, 11/11 7:30pm and 11/12 2:00PM